Wednesday, 14 December 2011

PioDeportes: Jays offer Prince an 8th year?!

Take it for what its worth, but a contributor (!/PioDeportes1) to the who says he 'has' connections around Major League Baseball and 'broke' the Albert Pujols signing to the Angels, suggests that as of this weekend, the Toronto Blue Jays are the front runners on Prince Fielder as they have offered him an 8th year on the contract.. 

 may have just taken lead on . Source says they have offered an 8th year." 

Again, whether you want to believe it or not, any speculation about acquiring one of the best bats you'll see in free agency in a long time is better then no speculation whatsoever..

Just another tidbit to keep your eye on... 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Miller: Jays interested in Beltran!?!

So as we reach the wee hours of the morning, an intriguing piece of news involving the Jays interest in free agent OF Carlos Beltran hit the wire as Scott Miller of CBS Sports (!/ScottMCBSSports)  reported that the Toronto Blue Jays are one of a handful of teams interested in the 34 year-old slugger.

Miller suggests:

" The Blue Jays' emergence as one of the clubs is noteworthy in that Toronto is in rebuilding mode and general manager Alex Anthopoulos has made several moves this offseason already, notably acquiring outfielder Ben Francisco from this Phillies, closer Sergio Santos from the White Sox and catcher Jeff Mathis from the Angels. The Jays are set with Colby Rasmus in center field and slugger Jose Bautista, who finished third in this year's AL MVP voting, in right field." 

So as a realistic Toronto Blue Jays fan who understands the cheapness of Rogers, I have given up on the potential pipe dream of getting Prince Fielder on the roster for the 2012 season. A more realistic and cheaper option that would potentially take at-bats away from the dreadful Adam Lind is Beltran as Scott Miller of CBS reports would be looking for a 2-3 year deal in the range of 7-9 million annually. Even with the log jam in the OF, Carlos Beltran is too good of a bat to pass up on for the price he looks to be going for. Essentially, Beltran would have the same effect as getting Prince Fielder as it would mean Adam Lind would most likely platoon with Edwin Encarnacion and Travis Snider between the DH and 1B positions. 

Beltran is no slouch putting up great numbers at two extremely pitcher friendly parks last season finishing with a 4.7 WAR as well a .910 OPS with 22 HR's.. Optimistic thinking would hope those numbers would potentially spike in the Rogers Center..

Just something to keep your eye on... 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Yoenis Cespedes: The Man, The Myth, The SWAGGGGGG

Ummmm.... Watch right now... This guy possess enough swag to even push Rasmus over to LF.... Sign this man and give him HIS MUNZZZZZZZZ...

He should get 40 million alone for doing a 45 inch box jumppp.....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Unbelievable #Swagg

The most filthy pimp job you'll ever see on a HR...

Looks like our boy Bryce Haper needs to work on his HR #swaggg... #YEAHHBUDDY

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

THE DJF Rant: The Rebuttal

Blue Jays vs. Red Sox Recap:

Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to actually watch the end of this game, I’m still dumfounded by the amount of idiots demanding for robot umpires after tonight’s call. In my opinion robot umpires would take away from the tradition of the game and I also don’t see a plausible way for a robot umpire to make that call without delaying the game. Maybe instant replay should be implemented where teams are allowed a certain number of challenges per game but that is an argument for another day.

Just some observations from the game:

  • Why the fuck wasn’t Thames starting today in LF? Sure John Farrell said that the matchup of Lester was a difficult one for Thames, but why start the kid against the best LHP in the league in Cliff Lee. The benching today of arguably their hottest hitter over the last 10 days was of the stupidest things John Farrell has done all year long especially considering we had to see Corey Patterson play. While we’re on the topic of Patterson, I’ll never understand what the fuck he was doing in the 7th inning (I think?) when he was picked off at 3B with your cleanup hitter in Adam Lind up. That fucking retarded move in itself should deserve a fucking demotion. I can only sit here wondering when the fuck Adam Loewen is going to get a shot to prove himself against Major League pitching. It sure is a lot better than watching Farrell run Patterson and Raj Davis out their every other day.
  • Has John Farrell lost his fucking mind with his line up today (before the Yunel scratch)? He put a guy with a career .320 OBP and a season OBP of .263 ahead of the greatest hitter in the game while putting the guy with the career .364 OBP behind your two best hitters (Lind and Bautista). Still not sure what the fuck goes through that mind of Farrell’s.
  • If I were to make a line up with the players we currently have in the system right now, it would look like this.. Yunel Escobar SS, Eric Thames LF, Jose Bautista RF, Adam Lind 1B, Edwin Encarnacion 3B, Travis Snider CF, J.P Arencibia C, Aaron Hill 2B, Cooper/Loewen DH
  • When it comes to Encarnacion, I know some of you are going to say,“ The guy can’t play the field.” Well I’ll just reply with, “Who the fuck cares, it’s not like we’re winning anyways, might as well boost his trade value by actually playing him at a position other then fucking DH.” And yes Raj isn’t even close to being an everyday OF in the Majors, so he also gets to ride the pine.

The Rebuttal

So now that I can delve into the nonsense Stoeten provided over at Drunk Jays Fans today, let’s finally look at the nonsensical, misguided, and even foolish fucking opinions about the direction of this franchise.

“Newsflash-- as you like to say-- champ, we were talking about Thames and Cooper after that game, and we were hardly calling them "DONE," we were simply not enthused about their prospects of being anything more than fringe-regular Major Leaguers-- which is exactly what we agreed on about Thames yesterday, who Parkes pointed out-- as he'd written in a post at Getting Blanked earlier-- needs to be better at taking pitches.”

After 41 Major League AB’s you guys already fucking labelled Thames as AAAA guy that will never have any success in the MLB. So when the question was brought up about the possibility of calling up some of the younger guys like Thames, Cooper, and Snider after the Braves series, you guys went on to say, “that there’s nothing down in Las Vegas that we don’t already have here and it’s not worth calling these players up due to their inability to be successful in their first Major League stints.” I mean, hey you guys could be fucking right about these guys, but at least give them the fucking chance to be successful at the Major League level. They're not learning anything from being coddled down in AAA where they get to hit .400 in a hitter’s friendly league. Baseball is a game of adjustments and if they do indeed fail while trying to perform at the Major League level, they need to be given the opportunity to make the given adjusts at the fucking MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL while not looking over their shoulder worrying if they’re going to be sent down or even played for that matter, case in point, Jose Bautista.

And now you’re trying to sit here and tell me that Eric Thames needs to be better at taking pitches. Are you fucking serious? Eric Thames had a 10% BB rate in AAA this year, if you’re going to complain about anyone not taking good pitches or walking enough, let’s just look at Adam Lind with his career 6.8% BB rate. For you guys to not be enthused about a guy who has raked at every single level of baseball he’s played at in Thames is utterly fucking retarded on your parts.

You have to understand something here, I’m all for the development of these fucking players in the system, but the way some of our young players have been treated (Cecil, Lawrie, Snider, Loewen, Thames and Cooper) is fucking inexcusable. These guys have fucking proven that they're good enough to be given a chance to succeed at the next level and they weren’t given that chance until after the fucking Super 2 deadline, not surprising coming from an organization like the Toronto Blue Jays.

“Of course, I wouldn't put it past dickless Pete to have mistaken my sarcastic comment about Thames giving the Jays spark as "gushing," after all, he's one of the astonishing fucking hysterical cretins who rages about Rogers not pissing away money like they're the New York Mets or Chicago Cubs.”

For this team to be successful especially in the AL East, it will have to start spending money like the aforementioned teams above. I’m tired of management sitting on its ass waiting for this supposed home-grown fucking talent to be called up and hopefully contribute at the Major League level. Anthopoulos and more specifically the cheap bastards that own this team in Rogers are quite possibly wasting one of the greatest years from anybody in the history of baseball. If this talent does indeed come up and is able to contribute, (key word if) Bautista will surely have regressed from his current dominant self. But it’s not like this isn’t typical for Rogers though, we did waste 13 years of Delgado and Halladay (1996 to 2009) by not surrounding are franchise players with the players needed to win in the AL East. It seemed like we were waiting for our home-grown talent to emerge then as well. Maybe you don’t recall the glory days of the Toronto Blue Jays (obviously were too busy delving into the nonsense with the band) when they had the most expensive payroll in baseball. It doesn’t take a genius to understand this fucking concept, now we just need a fucking willing owner to spend money.

“It takes a serious absence of cerebellum to have missed the fact that Rogers paid $11-million to Rivera), that they were the third-highest spending team in the 2010 draft (only barely behind Washington and Pittsburgh, who had picks like Bryce Harper and Jameson Taillon inflating their totals) and will certainly be up there again this year, that they dramatically expanded the scouting department, that they reinvested a lot of their savings on Wells into Bautista, that they've been as active as any club with international free agents (committing $10-million to Adeiny Hechavarria alone, signing Adonis Cardona for more than any Venezuelan amateur ever-- $2.8-million-- and just this week paying the most for any Latin American infielder signed this year-- $1.3-million to Dawel Lugo), etc. et-cocksucking-cetera.”

Sure, their spending money, but as of right now, their spending enough money to appease the fan base to think there actually doing something productive with all the money they make. For a team to become successful in the AL East, they have to do all the things you mentioned above including bring in some home-grown talent (like they have in Lind, Snider, Thames, JPA, Romero etc.) as well as spending money on the FA market to the point where they’re payroll isn’t below fucking average (like it has been for the last decade) which to me is a slap in the face especially coming from the richest ownership in the history of fucking sports.

And aren’t you the one that continually bashed the Jose Bautista signing? Looks like he could potentially pay off the whole fucking contract this year if he puts up to a 14 or 15 WAR (with wins above replacement going for nearly 4 million a win last off-season)

Any ways, it’s been real Stoetes… just remember, when Lawrie comes up for his September call up, don’t totally write the guy off if he slumps for 30 AB’s like we all know you will, then jump on his bandwagon when he leads this team to a potentially playoff run in 2015..

Have a good one..

THE DJF Rant: The New Suits (Apologists) in Town

Well, before I can delve into the nonsense the fucking morons AKA "The Suits" over at DJF provided today on there blog (I do have a job to get too).. Let's all remind ourselves where these two fucking morons come from...

Here's an excerpt from the description of Stoeten's band back in the day..
"But we’re delving back into the nonsense again here. I mean, sure, we find some current trends a little dispiriting, but that’s only because implicit in the cynicism is a dedication to making music that’s alive. That’s the crux of what I’m blathering about. That’s what I want you to focus on and to take from the music. Any of this other stuff is important, it defines us somehow—or does whatever the fuck it is I’m trying to do here—but a lot of these concepts are ambiguous. They’re figurative things. Things that aren’t part of our day-to-day efforts. Things that lie inside the band and don’t really need to be discussed except in the most pompous, masturbatory, drunken conversations that don’t really ever happen, and couldn’t happen knowing that we actually believe what I’m saying. Well, those conversations and band bios… For us, it’s just there. And here, in this setting, it’s just talk. Ridiculous, half-assed, babble. Whatever the fuck it all means, Action Makes is not a figurative band. We’re down here in the earth. We know how to manipulate a tidal wave of sound, bring it down to a murmur, then set loose sinewy tendrils to pulse and push their way back to a full-on rush until… There. Is that the kind of shit you want me to say? I can’t prove it with words. Proving it is what records are for. That’s what the shows are for. It’s what our instruments are for. Fuck the gibberish and just bask in it. That’s all we really ask."

Are you fucking kiddin me with this shit Stoetes.. Seriously?? hahaha.. And people are supposed to agree with your fucking misguided opinions about this franchise.. (ex. Thames is "DONE," lets keep giving Patterson and Rivera consistent AB's even though are top prospects are dominating in AAA) Give me a fucking break dude.. You truly need to figure it out.. Stop believing everything management/ownership spoonfeeds you guys.. The only way to compete in the AL East is by spending money.. And there is no sign of Rogers spending it anytime soon... (And the Jays better spend the most money on the draft if they keep fucking stock piling compensation picks based on there inability to spend money on FA's..)

Anyways, more for later... Enjoy the game.. One more thing.. Is Farrell actually kidding me with the benching of Eric Thames for tonight... The kid is on a 10 fucking game hit streak.. Farrell must be watching the DJF podcasts after the games to get an idea as stupid as that...

More for later...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Toronto Blue Jays: Typical Farrell Ball

Wow, crazy ending to a fairly entertaing game this afternoon.. Today was the fifth game of the homestand that I've attended and yet again it was another game thrown away by the incompetence of the players and managers to execute in crucial situations.. Just an embarrasing display of baseball shown thus far on the homestand.

Farrell's managing continues to dumbfound me. If you're going to have Villanueva intentionally walk Chase Utley in the 5th inning to face Ryan Howard (which was actually a WTF moment), you should certainly be intentionally walking Utley to face Howard with a lefty on the mound.

Chase Utley has a career .888 OPS vs. lefties (.894 vs RHP). Howard, on the other hand, has a career .759 OPS vs. lefties (1.027 vs. RHP).

If you're a manager, you at least have to be consistent in your logic. Farrell isn't...and this has become a trend.

I'll deem tomorrow a success if the Jays are even able to score a run off Cliff Lee who is going for his 4th straight complete game shutout... Unfortuantley, were stuck watching the shitty Jo Jo toe the rubber for the 17th time this season.. Fucking unbelievable..